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Duck spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce £1.50 for 2 pieces
Vegetarian spring rolls with plum sauce £1 for 2 pieces
Deep fried crab claws £1 for 1 piece
Bruschetta tomato & mushroom £2 for 1 piece
Risotto balls £1 for 1 piece
Chicken goujons £1 for 1 piece
Deep fried smoked cheese bites 75p for 1 piece
Stuffed courgette flower with mozzarella & pancetta £1.50 for 1 piece
Stuffed olives with minced beef coated in breadcrumbs 75p for 1 piece
Piri piri chicken wings £15 for 1 tray
Chicken skewers £1 for 1 piece
Halloumi skewers with peppers £1 for 1 piece
Fried Calamari rings £10 per tray
Battered onion rings £10 per tray


Prawns with lemon cream £1 for 1 pieces
Beef pastrami & caramelised onion £1.50 for 1 pieces
Mozzarella, tomato & basil crostini 75p for 1 piece
Smoked mackerel with cream cheese & dill £1 for 1 pieces
Feta cheese, cucumber, tomato & olives £1 for 1 piece
Baked salmon with lemon cream & caviar £1 for 1 piece
Parma ham, goats cheese & fig jam £1.50 for 1 piece


Chocolate delice £1.50 for 1 piece
Cheesecake £1.50 for 1 piece
Almond tart £1.50 for 1 piece
Exotic fruit plate £25 per tray


This is a 5days pre-order and requires advance payment.

“Here at Tree House we do everything to make you happy …so if you fancy breakfast in bed… we welcome you to sleep in our kitchen …”

All dishes may contain nuts or their derivatives & fish may contain small bones
A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill
Executive Chef:  A. Elsabaa